About Us!

September 11, 2018

Who are your hosts?

Our two hosts met while studying at Northern Sydney TAFE while doing their Diploma in Screen and Media and they’ve been thick as thieves since!





From the age of 10, Harry has had a love affair with all things computer, constantly playing with and pulling apart technology- he’d become a cyborg if it were possible. Over the past three years, he has built up his own technology review site HoboHut Network, which he singlehandedly manages and authors. In his spare time, Harry can be seen with his camera, taking photos in the wilds of Sydney, or else mixing sick beats in his bedroom for his next project 


For as long as he can remember, Harry has had an interest in the Australian radio industry, born from his father- a copywriter for a radio station. Harry’s father used to show him around his workplace, sparking his fascination, and even let him sit in on recording sessions. 10 years on, Harry’s passion has only grown, and he is now studying a Batchelor of Media Arts at UNSW.






From an early stage in life, Andrew was always fascinated about how the world works and how everything came together, from how a car operated to how a camera took a photo to be seen later. Many afternoons after school were spent disassembling bits and pieces of equipment and trying to understand how it all works, this was until Andrew discovered the wonders of the internet. Technology and the whole general notion of how things work take up a big part of Andrew’s mind space. Always a spark of curiosity and wanting to learn things to a deeper level.


This was broadened into the world of camera’s when Andrew was offered his first ‘true’ DSLR camera, from then on, everything became a perspective and a frame. Photography has become a big part of Andrew’s life from being a recreational hobby to also becoming a freelance photographer and videographer. Andrew also has a very keen eye for anything clean and simple design wise, being always on the lookout for the trends in all things design.