The Tech-Sphere Ep 10

September 10, 2018

You're listening to the Tech-Sphere, a weekly (ish) podcast where you hosts Harry and Andrew talk about the latest technology news and other tech-related topics. Occasionally they'll review a product they like or even interview a special guest.



What happened in this episode: (Now with Timecodes)

00:00:00 - An intro to show/hosts

00:01:02 - That time a Russian Blog told us everything about the Google Pixel 3 before Google did...

00:05:11 - Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm Delays Possible After TSMC Virus Outbreak

00:09:38 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Announcement 

00:14:26 - NVidia RTX 2080

00:18:35 - Paying bills with PIA #AD

00:19:38 - Fun Fact!

00:19:56 - Vodafone and TPG merger

00:25:02 - New drones from DJI

00:34:33 - Rode releases Video Mic Me-L exclusively for iPhones and iPads

00:37:42 - HTC announces wireless adaptor for HTC Vive

00:42:05 - My Health Record discussion

00:51:39 - Wrap up

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