The Tech-Sphere Ep 07

July 1, 2018

You're listening to the Tech-Sphere, a weekly (ish) podcast where you hosts Harry and Andrew talk about the latest technology news and other tech related topics. Occasionally they'll review a product they like or even interview a special guest.


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What happened in this episode:

An intro to show/hosts

Microsoft is redesigning the USB type C connector

Japanese Blogger stabbed to death after giving a seminar on online trolls

US reclaims top spot from China in High Powered Computing

Qualcomm's first new smartwatch chip in two years is for kid's watches

 Private Internet Access #AD

The US Army is using machine learning to predict when combat vehicles need repair

NBN Co shows upgrade path

Elon Musk leasks crazy features for Tesla ute

Wrap up

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Harry: @hazgrid


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